Test Tube Babies

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The Flat Cap PCR tubes are mainly used in the centrifugal tests, which require uniform transfer of heat throughout the tubes for the precise and accurate measurement of the readings. They are crystal clear transparent tubes which can resist high temperature and high speed centrifugation. The thin walls and the high quality tubes reduce the cycle time and improve the quality of the tests undertaken. The flat cap PCR tubes are easy to handle for the low through put usage. The domed cap facilitates the effective and efficient transfer of heat with hot lid thermal cyclers.

The flat cap PCR tube ensures contamination free sample collection and processes. They are free from human DNA contamination and are certified D Nase and R Nase free. They are auto cleavable when open at 121 degree Celsius for 20 minutes. The polystyrene crystal tubes are made of high clarity and gloss, they are antistatic and ensure high heat transfer with minimal procedures. They have a clear marking which allows easy reading of even small volumes. The flat cap PCR tubes are disposable tubes which are used for one time purposes.

The oval baking dish is one of the important and efficient shapes of all the baking dishes. They are suitable for all types of microwave ovens which help in the uniform heat transfer enabling uniform cooking of the food. The oval baking dish is available in various sizes depending on the capacity of the oven. They are available in 2.2 litres, 3 and 4 litre trays respectively. The length, breadth and height of the trays are standard and are designed in such a way so as to ensure easy and uniform cooking and heating of the products. The borosil trays are resistant to high temperatures and do not melt or mould when exposed to the high when cooking. They are tuff and abrasion free which helps in the high durability and efficiency of the product.